We gather for worship regardless of weather conditions.  Our location is often cold and windy.   Please remember that San Francisco can be cold when other parts of the Bay Area are warm or hot.

Personal Belongings

Please keep your things with you at all times, or best, leave them out of sight in your locked cars. Always leave one person from your group with the items you are dropping off. Also, please be alert and aware of those around you.


We offer the Eucharist at our worship service. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in the liturgy (order of service) wherever you may be in your spiritual journey. Communion is offered to those who wish to partake, but is not mandatory.

Serving Lunch

After the final blessing and dismissal the altar is cleared and people begin lining up for lunch.  Only after the Night Ministry leader has given the “all clear” will food and drinks be placed on the altar and served. The Night Minister will have assigned 4 to 6 “ushers” from among the group to help serve and to be available to address any disturbances in the line. Most people are mindful and considerate of the amounts they are taking, while others are not. It’s OK to remind people there is a line and to wait their turn. It’s OK to give friendly and polite instruction and advice regarding amounts.  It's OK to engage people in conversation if they seem open to it.

Youth Groups

If you are coming with a youth group, confirmation class, or some other group that can offer something special in our service, (music, skits, etc.) we would welcome it. We would welcome participation from musicians, lectors, and choirs as well. Let us know and we will be happy to incorporate these special gifts into our worship.


We are currently feeding between 100 and 150 people depending on the weather and the time of the month. The first and second weeks of the month are closer to 100; the third, fourth and fifth weeks are closer to 150. Any food leftover can be distributed later that night by Night Ministry staff, if you wish.We welcome one kind of sandwich, from a variety of types: cold cuts, cheese, tuna, egg salad, or peanut butter and jelly. Options make serving too complicated. Please make sandwiches in advance and put in individual baggies; this makes for easy distribution.  Some groups simply buy the large trays of roll-ups from Costco or Safeway and serve individual pieces on a plate. Potato chips (individual bags), boiled eggs, soft fruit, cookies, etc. are great additions, but not expected. Be mindful that many people do not have teeth so please bring healthy, but easily chewed items. Fruit juices and soda are always popular, although bottles of water are also appreciated. Individual cans of soda or bottles or boxes of juice are the easiest. If you choose to use large juice bottles, please be sure you bring paper cups. Drink mixes are fine if you have large coolers or jugs from which to serve, and the cups. Many of the folks simply take the food and go, so the more portable the better.


In addition to food, it would be very helpful if you also brought a roll of paper towels or up to150 paper napkins; a few trash bags for clean-up; and other paper items such as plates or cups if needed. You may also want to bring some “Wet Ones” or hand sanitizers for your group.

Your Role

It is helpful if each group designated one person to be our contact. That person will arrange a date with us and plan and organize the group. The group is encouraged to participate fully -- to set up, visit with people who gather, participate in worship, serve the food, and help to clean up. Please plan to arrive at 1:45 PM and prepare to leave about 3:45 PM.

Contact us

The best way to reach us is by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also call our office at 415-935-7862 to leave a message.




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