Tuesday Night Gathering

Once Open Cathedral – Civic Center was well established, people began to ask for Bible study and other opportunities to get to know Night Ministry staff and other regular participants better.  In April of 2011, our Tuesday Night Gathering began as a regular program of the Night Ministry.  We meet on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. at the home of the Faithful Fools program in the Tenderloin neighborhood for a meal and time for study and conversation.  Topics range from traditional Bible study to general conversations about faith and life.  Limited to Open Cathedral participants, this program is building and sustaining strong relationships among people.

Wellness Program

In the course of walking the streets, Night Ministers find many people dealing with health and medical issues.  Just as many people come to Open Cathedral because they are uncomfortable in traditional walled churches, so too, many of the same people don’t seek medical care.  So we started our Wellness Program which pairs one of our volunteer registered nurses with a Night Minister on his or her nightly walk.  These nurses offer basic first aid, blood pressure screenings and sugar screenings, general health information, and referrals.  This program provides a comfortable holistic balance by providing both physical and spiritual care at the same time.

Van Ministry


We have two vans augmenting our Wellness and Open Cathedral programs.  To make our Wellness program more effective, the van offers a safe and private place for screening and conversation.  It also allows us to more adequately distribute items donated to us -- such as clothing, blankets, or toiletries -- that make life on the streets more palatable.  </>

At Open Cathedral another van carries the necessary equipment for worship including tables, chairs, and sound system, as well as the food and other items needed for meal distribution.

Van Ministry Update




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